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Deer Fence Standard C-Flex 7.5' x 100' by Tenax

SKU: DE1071

Standard C-Flex Deer Fencing by Tenax will provide you with total protection from deer and many other large mammals. Our standard strength polypropylene deer fencing is non corrosive and UV stabilized to ensure a strong and long lasting product. Its black color and sleek rounded design make it virtually invisible even if you know it's there!

Use our heavy standard deer fencing a Rounded tensile C Flex Tenax Brand product for small garden beds, vegetable gardens, hedges, back yards or around trees. This new second generation deer fence offers superior protection and strength when compared to other aftermarket deer fences that are flat ugly and inferior. Its sleek rounded tensile design offers tear resistance, sunlight protection, improved life span, superior invisibility, and greater strength.  The use of standard heavy deer fencing should be reserved for smaller areas less than 1,000 ft. and for areas with low to moderate deer populations.

Standard C-Flex Deer Fence Product Attributes:

  • Carbon Black Color
  • Smooth Rounded Tensile Design
  • Molded Weld Mesh 1.77 in. x 1.96 in. * Certified Consistent
  • Life Span 15+ Years
  • UV Treated
  • Certified 600-650 lb. Breaking Load at 107 lb per Tensile
  • Polypropylene Material
  • Made in USA
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