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Step 1: Build the fence
Step 2: Choose Options & Accessories
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Step 1

Drag and Drop your property features on to your drawing grid. You can resize and rotate items to your liking.  To Rotate, see the bottom left corner, to resize, see the bottom right.


Step 2

Click the Post Icon and then click in the drawing to place your terminal posts (corners and ends). They will show up as on the drawing. If you need to move your post at all, just click on the RED directional part of the icon.

*To delete anything, click the trash can and then click the item you want to remove.


Step 3

Add Your Gates. Click the Gate Icon and then click in the drawing to place your gates in your preferred location. A prompt will come up asking you to choose the gate size. They will show up as (gate icon) on the drawing.

*To delete anything, click the trash can and then click the item you want to remove.


Step 4

Add your Fence Lines: Select the Fence Icon . Click the White fence image on the post icon and drag your fence line to connect it to another post or gate. Once you are on the item that you are trying to connect to, let go of the mouse button and the line will snap in to place. Repeat this step until all desired lines are connected.

*To delete anything, click the trash can and then click the item you want to remove.


Step 5

Click the counters in the RED fence lines and enter your linear footage. Once you hit enter, you will notice the line changes color. If there are any RED lines, you will not be able to get a quote.


Step 6

Click the RED “Options and Accessories” button to choose your fence height, color, and choose any additional accessories for your fence project.


Step 7

Click “Get Quote” and enter the required information In. You can choose to have the quote emailed to you, or you can view the quote via PDF immediately. Once you have your quote, you can click “Order Online” and it will dump all of your items in a shopping cart and prepare your purchase.


Select Fence Height

Select Line Post Distance

Select Fence Color


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Due to a change in the type of fence material, the previously selected gate(s) are not available.

Please choose a new gate through the "Edit Gate" function.
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