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Liquidation Market Place


Buy and Sell…Canceled or Returned Jobs, Overstocks, Factory Seconds, Discontinued Inventory and more….


One company’s problem is someone else’s solution!


Do you have a special order or canceled job sitting in your yard that you just can not get rid of? Post it in The Liquidation Marketplace!

We have over 60,000 consumers and contractors on our site from all over the country every month!


Do you have a job that requires 2” x 6 gauge x 120” Fused Bonded? Check The Liquidation Marketplace first! You may find it from someone else at half the cost and available for shipment right away.


How Do I Sell?

 We require a minimum of 2 digital photos of the product or job lot to be posted on the site. We need a detail description of the quantities, specifications and condition of the job lot or product being listed. We need a zip code or city where the product is located and the price you want to sell it for.

            We will upload your information, add a small administration fee to your price for handling and credit card fees and post it live. We handle the freight charges, having the product picked up and delivered to customer, collecting the money and then sending you a check when the transaction is complete. If at any time you sell the product direct, give us a call and we will drop your listing the same day.


How Do I Buy?

   Products will be listed from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the country.  If you see a product or job lot that you are interested in, within a region close to your location, call us for a freight rate to get a delivered price. We will take a credit card or check payment from you and handle having it picked up from the seller and delivered right to your door.


The Liquidation Market Place can earn you money on your unwanted inventory and save you money on upcoming projects!

More Details on Listing Your Products

Check Out the Marketplace

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