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Harmony Ornament
Harmony Ornament. Clamps around spindle for extra decoration. Hardware included.
$14.55 Qty

Lag Bolts
Lag Bolts. Used to attach floor flanges to wood surfaces. Contains 4 bolts per package.
$2.28 Qty

Lambs Tongue
Lamb's Tongue. Cast aluminum ornament for use on the post. Use hardware from bolt-thru fittings to install (post and fittings sold separately).
$4.20 Qty

Masonry Anchors
Masonry Anchors. Used to attach floor flanges to concrete surface. 4 anchors in each package.
$4.54 Qty

Newel Post Support
Newel Post Support. Attaches to post, typically on stair applications to add extra support. Hardware included, posts sold separately.
$4.86 Qty

Rail Support
Rail Support. Provides additional strength for rail lengths longer than 4'. Hardware included for 1 support. Anchors and lag bolts sold seperately.
$7.84 Qty


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