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Commercial - Steel Fence

Ameristar Commercial Aegis Plus Commercial businesses finally have a high quality, competitively priced alternative to welded steel, aluminum and chain link. Painted steel that has been welded can rust soon after installation; ultra light aluminum fencing can be easily deformed by small climbing or impact loads. Aegis Plus® combines strength greater than most industrial steel fences with a surface finish that is essentially maintenance free

Industrial Aegis II Industries of every type are becoming increasingly aware that perimeter protection is essential. Theft and vandalism can occur readily on corporate property outside protected buildings. The facilities and operational equipment of the business are not the only assets requiring protection; employees and visitors need protection as well. Aegis II® from Ameristar® is an ornamental steel fence system that addresses both the protection and aesthetic needs of today’s businesses and industries. The strong steel vertical pickets of Aegis II® are more resistant to attack than chain-link or welded wire, and they leave a clean, open view of a progressive, community-friendly company

The Impasse™ Security Fence was designed and engineered to meet the expressed needs of security specialists, consultants and engineers the need for a value added security fence that delayed forced entry for a time period sufficient to bring secondary security measures into play. To make the Impasse™ system an even more relevant answer to physical security demands, the base design was configured to be easily accessorized with added anti-ram barrier capability and anti-climb inserts, as well as sensor and alarm systems. The high-strength architectural shapes of Impasse™ components were enabled by the high-speed automation of Ameristar’s in-house roll-forming mill. Ameristar’s unique PermaCoat®(double layer) electrostatic powder coating process ensures an appearance that remains aesthetically pleasing for many years. Impasse™ is available in three different styles (triple-pointed, blunt-tipped, and outwardly curved) and four standard colors (black, white, bronze, and desert sand).


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