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Vinyl Fence

For years, wood fencing has traditionally been the most preferred residential fencing system. However with the recent innovations in the vinyl industry, the long term cost of vinyl fencing has become more economical than wood fencing. Initially the cost of a vinyl or PVC fencing system is greater than that of wood fencing, but you'll save money in the long term, because this product will last a life time.

Longevity vinyl fencing is manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl PVC. Our products are of the highest contractor grade, available in white or tan. Sections and posts are routed and notched and require no screws, brackets or wood inserts for assembly. Aluminum reinforcements in the bottom channel of each fence panel add overall strength. Sections are manufactured and packaged unassembled for easy installation and to prevent damage during shipment. Longevity fencing products will withstand the test of time.


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